About Us

EDC Company is a leading contracting company providing Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP), and has provided quality engineering services to the Middle East since its establishment in Egypt.

  • The company’s expertise in Mechanical and Plumbing (MEP) contracting ranges
    from providing complete solutions through Design, Engineering& Procurement
    (DEP) and services across Egypt, all the way to water & power solutions including
    maintenance and operations.
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  • E.D.C Company Well known as a team work for all Consultants and big
    Contracting Companies.
  • E.D.C proudly leads an experienced team that efficiently works together to link
    their strengths and experiences therefore bringing every customer the best in
    technical services and project management through experienced on-site project
    teams , the expertise necessary in management , coordination ,planning,
    purchasing, and quality control.

This way we ensure that projects are completed as per client requirements regarding quality, time, and cost.


  • To strive to provide innovation and world class solutions through obtaining the best
    people, processes and systems with a commitment to partnership and exceptional
  • To continue to drive the industry to new levels of sophistication by adding value
    and applying expert analytical skills to technical , environmental and energy related
  •  To invest in and grow relationships with developers, investors, and service
    providers alike to provide best fit solutions to allow maximum productivity and
    growth therefore mutually benefiting the client and the company.


At E.D.C Company we strongly believe in creating our own strengths and so
turning everything into opportunity to benefit from

  • Strong, diversified management .
  •  End to end design , engineering and construction capability.
  • Fast mobilization .
  • Sophisticated project management
  •  Ability to achieve value engineering and share savings with the client .
  •  Disciplined procurement .
  • Strong record in risk management .
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